More than 180.000 children and adults in the Netherlands are affected by an inborn bleeding disorder. They experience frequent bleeding episodes which cause extreme discomfort, invalidity due to joint and muscle bleeds, and sometimes death. Personalisation of treatment is urgently needed. It will safeguard quality of care while restraining rising costs in these debilitating and expensive diseases. Current treatment strategies are suboptimal and lead to either undertreatment with risk of continued bleeding or overtreatment with excessive costs. Novel therapeutic approaches are upcoming and expected to be even more expensive. However, effectiveness, (long term) side effects and therefore, positioning and optimal use of these new treatments is not clear. Better insight into the pathophysiology of these diseases is required in order to develop more precise diagnostic techniques. Moreover, safe therapeutic approaches with minimal complications and their cost-effective patient orchestrated implementation are warranted.
Effective start/end date01/01/201901/01/2027

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