Psoriasis: biologic antibodyformation, RCT etanercept versus infliximab, methotrexate optimalisation, new developments, compliance, nail psoriasis, maintenance treatment, guideline development, registries, quality of life

Atopic dermatitis: harmonisation outcome parameters, new treatment options (azathioprine versus methotrexate (short and long term), systemic treatments, registry, fillagrin mutations, biomarkers, diagnostic criteria, topicals

Vitiligo: outcome parameters, excimer laser, thyroid diseases, ...

Rosacea: quality of life, RCT minocycline versus low dose doxycycline, laser treatment

Off-label drug use in dermatology: RCT, guideline, Regieraad project, registry

Methodology: evidence based medicine/dermatology, guideline development, ..

Teledermatology: secundairy and tertiairy teledermatology, teledermoscopy, ..

Quality of life: consensus report, Skindex 29, HRQOL intervention study, ..
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