Investigating the effects of drugs of abuse and medications (such as ecstasy, amphetamine, chemotherapy, methylphenidate and antidepressants) on brain and behavior using a highly multidisciplinary and translational approach is at the heart of the 'Translational Neuroradiology' group. Current lines of research involve application of innovative molecular imaging methodologies to study the effects of drugs on the developing human brain non-invasively. This unique line of research provides insight into benefit and harm (evidence based medicine) of frequently prescribed psychotropic medications and its application in personalized medicine.

Dr. Reneman is the co-founder of the Brain Imaging Center (BIC). The BIC aims to structure and combine all the available knowledge in the field of neuroimaging at the AMC into one center of expertise. She is the AMC Brain Imaging research program leader of the new research organization of the AMC‐UvA‐VUmc-VU ‘Neuroscience Amsterdam’. With her research group Dr. Reneman also participates in the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition (ABC) priority programme of the UvA, an interdisciplinary institute for cognition research.
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