• Ebbing, Eva A. (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Huiskens, Joost (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Keikes, Lotte (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Klaassen, Remy (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Kwakman, Robert Jan J. M. (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Simkens, Lieke H. J. (Internal PhD candidate)
  • Punt, Cornelis J. A. (Principal investigator)
  • Fijneman, Remond J. A. (Staff)
  • van Grieken, Nicole C. T. (Staff)
  • Koopman, Miriam (Staff)
  • Meijer, Gerrit (Staff)
  • Franken, Mira (External PhD candidate)
  • Goey, Kaitlyn (External PhD candidate)
  • Idenburg, Carla (External PhD candidate)
  • Knijn, Nikki (External PhD candidate)
  • Kurk, Sophie (External PhD candidate)
  • Mol, Linda (External PhD candidate)
  • ter Voert, Edwin (External PhD candidate)


Clinical research concerns the development and conduct of clinical trials in patients with gastrointestinal cancer, with focus on colorectal cancer, with improvement of clinical outcome and quality of life as main objectives. Secondary outcomes include quality of care and health economics. Translational research concerns the development and validation of prognostic and predictive markers in blood and tumor tissues, with clinical trial participants as main source. These studies are performed in multidisciplinary collaboration, which involves the departments of Pathology, LEXOR, Surgery, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Clinical Pharmacology and Gastroenterology within the AMC and other Academic Centres.
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