Traditionally most of our studies were on HIV but gradually we have expanded our interest to other infectious diseases especially but not exclusively those that are sexually transmitted or bloodborne. Our research is embedded in the Infectious Disease Department of the Amsterdam Health Service through which we have access to groups that are at specific risk for certain infectious diseases. Many of our studies are within the context of the Amsterdam Cohort Studies (, a multidisciplinary research project which is based on two longitudinal cohorts, one among men who have sex with men and one among drug users. This project started in 1984 and is a collaboration between several departments of the Academic Medical Center, the Amsterdam Health Service and the department of immunology of University Medical Center Utrecht. Over 4000 persons have participated in the ongoing longitudinal studies. Of these participants epidemiological, social scientific, virological and immunological data have been gathered and blood samples – taken every 3-6 months – have been stored. Over the past 25 years over 100 PhD theses have been done based on data from the Amsterdam
Cohort Studies. The epidemiological studies we are doing are presently especially focusing on Hepatitis C, Human Papilloma Viruses, molecular epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections and sexual risk behaviour. There are presently 16 PhD students working within this research program which is now headed jointly with Prof. R.A. Coutinho, Professor Epidemiology and Prevention of Infectious Diseases at the AMC and Director of the Netherlands Centre for Infectious Disease Control at the RIVM.. Dr. M. Prins is responsible for the ‘Academic Collaborative for Public Heath, in particular the network infectious diseases’, an official collaboration between the Amsterdam Public Health Service and the Academic Medical Center. We work closely together with many national and international research groups.

This research group participates in CINIMA.
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