1. Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC): in search for the missing link between the colon and the liver.

Over the last 5 years we have set up a collaborative programme in the Netherlands to accrue a large population-based cohort of PSC patients (and primary biliary cirrhosis and IBD patients, as well as healthy controls) to study the epidemiology and clinical course of PSC. Together with the UMCGroningen we lead the International PSC Study Group iChip subphenotyping project, in which we investigate gene-phenotype associations in 3500 PSC patients.

The cause of PSC and the nature of its relation to IBD is still elusive. Our research is focused on understanding the crosstalk between the colon and the bile ducts by studying the aberrant gut homing lymphocyte mechanism.

As for clinical studies my group focuses on defining the most appropriate surrogate parameters for clinical trials. In addition I lead the international multicenter IIS DILSTENT trial, in which we compare two endoscopic treatments for dominant bile duct strictures.

2. Inflammatory Bowel disease.

My group investigates the role of faecal microbiota in ulcerative colitis; we have conducted a randomized trial of fecal transplantation in ulcerative colitis, the TURN trial, which has yielded a wealth of data for future studies.

Together with the department of surgery we drive the LIR!C trial, in which we compare laparoscopic ileocecal resection with infliximab for exacerbation of Crohn's disease.
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