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Research grants over last 10 years:
* 2004: Visualisation of DC function in vivo. (EMBO Long-term Fellowship)
* 2006: Immune cells go back home: hematopoietic regulation through immune activation. (ZonMW VIDI)
* 2006: Bone marrow exposed: immunological impact on hematopoietic regulation. (LSBR research grant)
* 2008: The cells that rock the cradle: the impact of effector lymphocytes on hematopoiesis in the bone marrow. (FCT Fellowship, Portugal)
* 2010: T cell modulation of hematopoiesis. (LSBR Fellowship)
* 2010: Nanoscale analysis of signal transduction in normal and malignant hematopoietic (stem) cells. (NWO Medium Sized Investment Application; co-applicant)
* 2013: Joined forces: Understanding and rebuilding the vascular bone marrow niche. (PPOc Program)
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