Although psychiatric disorders are common in the general population worldwide, their causes are still poorly understood. The diagnostic categories in the most widely used classification system in clinical practice (i.e. the DSM) are based on expert consensus. However, biological (cognitive, genetic, neurophysiological, neuroimaging, blood marker, etc.) dysfunctions underlying psychiatric disorders, are not specific for these diagnostic categories. One aim of our research is to investigate transdiagnostic biological dysfunctions underlying psychiatric disorders and new treatments for these dysfunctions. An example is a recently started RCT that investigates cognitive remediation in schizophrenia, depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder with an online serious game.

Furthermore, early detection and treatment of psychiatric disorders can improve prognosis. We investigate prediction models that can enhance prediction accuracy of developing a severe mental disorder in symptomatic, help-seeking patients at risk and new, evidence-based treatments which can be offered to these patients.
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