• van Rijn, Rick R. (Principal investigator)
  • Latten, Bart (Principal investigator)
  • Roosendaal, Jeroen (Principal investigator)
  • Niehe, Valerie G. (Other)
  • Reijnen, Guido (Other)
  • Verdonschot, Job A. J. (Other)
  • Teijken - van Langen, Kiki (External PhD candidate)


Different reports have shown that in the Netherlands forensic physicians don’t always have access to additional investigations to perform an optimal postmortem. Expanding these possibilities and creating better collaboration with ancillary disciplines will strengthen the position of the forensic physician in the postmortem. This proposed quality improvement will reduce the risk of missing non-natural causes of death, may answer questions from relatives, detect underlying (hereditary) diseases relevant to the relatives, and improve the cause of death statistics.
This study is designed as a pilot study to investigate the added value and feasibility of additional multidisciplinary (forensic) medical examinations in adults, initiated by the forensic physician. Such additional examinations can only be performed after release of the body by the public prosecutor, and with consent of next of kin. The study is conducted at the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) in collaboration with several GGD regions in the country.
The outcome of this study will be used to investigate the added value of the various studies (subsidiarity), whether such a method is feasible and how it can then be distributed throughout the Netherlands (proportionality). This also provides insight into the qualitative, financial and practical aspects of the proposed amendment to the Dutch Funeral Care Act.
Effective start/end date01/12/202230/11/2026

ID: 26983420