Tuberculosis drug target identification: the coronin I pathway. Together with Prof. Jean Pieters, University of Basle, CH. Funded by UBS OPTIMUS Foundation

Optimizing drug-resistant TB patient management in Johannesburg, South Africa. Funded by the National Research Foundation South Africa

TMC-207 phase II trials (contributor at Sizwe Hospital site in SA and National PI, South Africa)

PROMPT trial for early Tb treatment in HIV positive individuals (contributor to Lambarene site/Gabon). 4-African country trial funded by EDCTP

StaphNet Consortium consortium contributor to characterize staphylococcal disease and strains in sub-Saahran Africa. Funded by DFG

CESSARI consosrtium for cystic echinococcosis in sub-Saahran Africa. Funded by DFG

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