Healthcare consumption by migrants in their country of origin: threatening or complementary? (2013-2018)
Effective diet coaching of diabetes patients of non-western ethnic origin (2014-2019)
Effective blood donor recruitment strategies for ethnic minority populations (2015-2019)
Informed participation to colorectal cancer screening for low health literate screening invitees (2014-2018)
Optimal participation to colorectal cancer screening of people of non-Western ethnic origin (2014-2015)
Effective information on colorectal cancer screening for people with low health literacy (2013-2014)
Effective preconception care for women with low health literacy (2014-2016)
Cultural Competence in Medical Education (C2ME) (2013-2015)
Quality of care for ethnic minority patients with colorectal cancer (2013-2015)
Ethnic differences in patient safety (PhD-project, 2010-2014)
Cohort study on refugee health ('Gevlucht Gezond 2') (PhD project, 2009-2012)
Evicence-based culturally competent care (PhD project, 2010-2012)
Optimizing self-management of patients with DM2 and low health literacy in general practice (2009-2011)
Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease for patients of Surinamese descent (2009-2010)
Developing culturally competent pediatric asthma care (2009-2010)
Culturally competent aftercare for children with burns (2009-2011)
Cross-cultural adaptation of the 'minimal dataset' for application in elderly migrants (2010)
Elderly migrants on the road to appropriate services for health and welfare (PhD-project, 2011-2015)
Differential cost-effectiveness of health promotion in the Netherlands requires appropriate and valid measures of health literacy (2012-2013)
The effectiveness of health check-ups for promoting healthy behaviour: a quasi-experimental study (PhD-project 2010-2013)
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