The IBD centre of the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam is a referral centre for the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), mainly Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Historically, the AMC has been spearheading many new developments in this field. The basis of this success are the tight connections between the laboratories and the clinics, so that the results of basic research are fluently translated into clinical applications. One of the most significant events, in this regard, was the first successful treatment of a young patient with desperate Crohn’s disease with anti-TNF antibodies. The development of these and other antibodies, as well as many other novel ‘biologic approaches’ to IBD has led to a rapid expansion of research efforts and clinical trials, eventually offering a better outlook to patients with these debilitating conditions.

It is our mission at the AMC to further contribute to IBD research in combination with optimal patient care offered in close collaboration between adult and paediatric gastroenterologists, abdominal surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, nurse specialists and trial coordinators. Our services are available to patients, patient and research organizations and biomedical industries at all times via clinic or telephone visits or via webcontact.

ONGOING RESEARCH focuses on the measurement of inflammatory load in IBD and adjustment of treatment accordingly, pharmakokinetics of antiinflammatory antibodies, triggers for fibrosis, new diagnostic modalities for IBD including camera pills, MRI scans and nuclear scans, light wave therapy for inflammation and the role of Vitamin D to prevent inflammation.
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