* The role of dopamine in PKU
* Imaging of dopamine transporters to differentiate dementia with Lewy bodies from Alzheimer’s disease
* Serotonin transporter imaging in depression, and the occupancy of the serotonin transporter by the SSRI paroxetine
* Assessment of loss of serotonin transporters in Ecstasy users
* Detection of loss of dopamine D2 receptor binding in heroin and cocaine users
* Effects of methylphenidaat in ADHD patients with comorbid cocaine addiction
* Effects of varenicline on dopamine D2 receptors and craving
* Imaging of the occupancy of D2 receptors by endogenous dopamine (acute dopamine depletion paradigm) in healthy controls and VCFS patients
* The role of the dopaminergic and serotonergic system in focal dystonia
* Dopamine D2 receptors and its role in obesity

Theme: Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
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