NACCAP-COMMAL (NWO) research and capacity building programme 2005-2012.

NACCAP II (NWO) RSC network programme: 2012-2015

MACHS programme: Impact of a health insurance system on maternal and cHild health in Nigeria: 2010-2015

AFRIM programme: Fluid management in severely malnourished, shocked children in Africa

OPTIMISM study: enzym supplementation study in severe manutrition in Malawi: 2012-2014

TRACT (TRansfusion and TReatment of severe Anaemia in African Children), multicentre : a randomised controlled Trial, African (2012-2016)

Crossing Boarders programme: etnicity and envirment factors in the disease susceptibility of children (in preparation)
Effective start/end date01/12/2011 → …

ID: 172953