Research interests

Wouter Ouwerkerk is an enthusiastic researcher being trained in biostatistics, bioinformatics and genetic epidemiology, actively conducting research in the fields of cardiology and cancer-immunology. Wouter is bridging these fields by effectively combining expertise from both fields to achieve high impact multidisciplinary research. His research is focussed on personalised treatment and systems medicine, using multi-omics high-dimensional data.

After successfully completing his PhD under supervision of prof. dr. A.H Zwinderman and prof. dr. A.A. Voors he started his post-doctoral research at the dept. dermatology under supervision of prof. dr. R.M. Luiten. Here, he build a world-wide consortium to study genetic susceptibility of response to immunotherapy in melanoma patients.

He got international recognition of my achievements, when he was invited to join the team of prof. dr. C.S.P. Lam as senior researcher at the National Heart Centre Singapore. Prof. dr. C.S.P. Lam provided him with the opportunity to pursue his interests in personalised treatment and systems medicine.

ID: 77236