Research interests

1. Inflammatory Bowel disease:

a. TAMIS pouche

b. Medication vs surgery (eg anti TNF vs ileocolic resection, medication in CU vs lap appendectomy) (LIRIC)

c. Role of appendix in Ulcerative Colitis (PASSION, ACCURE)

d. Management of perianal fistula (PISA)

2. Colorectal surgery for malignancy

a. Laparoscopic HIPEC in patients at risk for peritoneal seeding (COLOPEC)

b. Value of stenting in colorectal obstruction (as bridge or palliative) (CONSTRUCT)

3. Complication surgery

a. TAMIS redo surgery leaking anastomoses and chronic sinus

4. Snapshot research

a. Long term follow up rectal cancer

b. Appendicitis

c. Value of pathology of gallbladder and appendix



colorectal and minimal invasive surgery

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