Research interests

The research of de Rooij's group considers the effects of acute illness on the aging process.

Three major research lines focus on (A) pathophysiology of delirium and the role of delirium in functional and cognitive outcome of acute illness (AMC Delirium Study), (B) functional and cognitive decline in hospital patients and in community dwelling persons, and (C) Adverse drug events (ADEs) and the transition of care. This research seeks to combine fundamental studies with both innovative health services research and clinical trials in older persons.

All three research lines share the common goal of preventing functional and cognitive decline as a consequence of acute diseases in older persons.
On behalf of the Dutch National Programme for the Elderly Care grants for 11 studies, including three clinical trials, were obtained. All studies started in 2009-2010 in close collaboration with investigators of the departments of Traumatology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Clinical Informatics, Clinical Research Unit, Intensive Care, General Practice, Social Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. See also

Ongoing clinical trials:

  1. The MAPLE study: Melatonin Against PLacebo in Elderly patients with hip fracture investigates in four hospitals the role of melatonin in the prophylactic treatment to prevent older hip fracture patients from delirium.
  2. The FIT study, a randomised clinical trial, investigates in three large rural and city regions the scope for early identification of frail elderly at risk for functional decline in over 10.000 community dwelling elderly. Its follow-up offers the opportunity to study various forms of functional and cognitive impairment in the course of time in relation to care as usual versus a multi-intervention by trained nurses and GPs. 
  3. Another randomised clinical trial entitled Transitional Care Bridge investigates in three hospitals the outcome of acutely admitted elderly patients receiving care at home after discharge from a community care nurse versus usual care.


Internal Medicine & Geriatric Medicine

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