Research interests

Renee Schreurs is a postdoctoral fellow in the Autophagy-directed Immunity lab headed by dr. Carla Ribeiro at the Department of Experimental Immunology, Amsterdam UMC (location AMC). She holds a MSc in Neuroscience and completed a PhD on the development of mucosal T cell immunity in the early-life intestine.

Within dr. Ribeiro's lab, Renee's current research focuses on investigating the impact of genetic variation in autophagy pathways on T cell functionality in the context of viral infections such as HIV-1. Additionally, Renee studies the impact of autophagy and extracellular vescicles on intestinal barrier integrity and inflammation using advanced organoid and organoid-immune cell co-culture models through partnerships with the Gutvibrations consortium and Emma Children's Hospital.

Ultimately, the Autophagy-directed Immunity lab aims to harness the therapeutic potential of targeting autophagy mechanisms to intervene with HIV-1, Dengue virus, and SARS-CoV-2 infections.


T cell immunity, intestinal inflammation, mucosal immune system, cell & organoid culture, autophagy, neuroscience, fetal and pediatric immunity, HIV-1

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