Research interests

1. Intestinal inflammation (specifically appendicitis).  I am the principal investigator  on basic/translational studies on intestinal inflammation, with a specific interest in appendicitis. Elements of my research are immunological responses and microbiome. Ultimately we hope to create new non-invasive diagnostic modalities that can accurately identify complex appendicitis in the pediatric population

2. Clinical studies on evidence-based medicine. These projects focus on evaluation the current clinical care in daily pediatric surgical practice in order to identify optimal diagnostic/treatment protocols.

3. Transitional medicine. Recently I have initiated together with dr J.P.M. Derikx a new transitional program for children with congenital colorectal malformations entitled Lifelong guidance. Furthermore, I am the prinicipal investigator of a new international initiative to optimize transitional medicine in Europe and abroad (EUPSA)

ID: 4427351