Research interests

Liver cirrhosis

Portal hypertension

Hepatic Encephalopathy

Hepatocellular caricoma


Gastroenterologist with special ineterest in Hepatology

Research interests

I am a hepatologist with a special interest in complications of liver cirrhosis. I focus on research of two complications.

First, I perform studies on hepatocellular carcinoma. In this setting I supervised a PhD student to his thesis. We developed a prediction model to predict survival of patients with intermediate and advanced stage HCC. Furthermore, I have set up a biobank with serum samples of 400 HCC patients. Currently, the first analysis will be performed in collaboration with Maastricht University Hospital to investigate the role of cathepsin-D as a tumor marker. However it has to be said that due to the wave and the fact that the gastroenterology department is currently located at two locations (VUmc and AMC), research on HCC unfortunately has been downgraded. It is scheduled to intensify the research projects the coming year, when the gastroenterology department will be located at Vumc.  

Secondly, I supervise research on portal hypertension and hepatic encephalopathy. In the context of portal hypertension, I am PI of an international study on the prevention of hepatic encephalopathy (HE) after transjugular portosysthemic shunt (TIPS) placement. In addition, I supervise a PhD student who performs research on the role of the enterocyte in the pathogenesis of HE. We built an enterocyte organoid model to study the effect of rifaximin (treatment for HE) on the enterocytes. The paper is submitted to Gastroenterology. Furthermore we studied the clinical outcome of patients with liver cirrhosis in the greater Amsterdam region (Amsterdam UMC and OLVG), which showed to be better than reported in literature. My PhD student performs further studies on this cohort.

Lastly, I am the treasurer of the Netherlands Association for the Study of the Liver (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Hepatologie) and I am the president of the Dutch Liver Week. Furthermore, I am the representative of the Dutch Society of Gastroenterologists in the National Prevention Agreement on the prevention of alcohol related complications.

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