Research interests

optimalisation of the pre-operative assessment clinic

perioperative patient safety, learning from excellence

development of cognitive aids for emergencies on the OR and on the ward

improvement of perioperative care of the diabetic patient

value of postoperative visit on incidence and severeness of complications

value of continuous monitoring on the ward on incidence and severeness of postoperative complications

cardiovascular risk patients, myocardial protection, preconditioning, postconditioning, remote protection, noble gas induced organ protection, mechanisms of anesthetic induced tissue protection

cerebral autoregulation and cardiovascular autonomic system in diabetic and non-diabetic patients

simulation based airway training

CRM in cardiac surgery

logistics and quality of sedation by sedation anesthesia nurses

 improvement of sedation quality by specific drug use and application of accupuncture



perioperative patient safety, simulation, procedural sedation, diabetes, cardiovascular protection

ID: 79473