Public and occupational health

Research interests

I'm working as a tobacco control researcher at the Department of Public and Occupational Health of the Amsterdam UMC. I currently lead projects. on three topics. The Tobacco out of Sight project studies the impact of the tobacco display and advertising ban at the point of sale on adolescents' exposure to tobacco advertising and smoking behaviour and attitudes. This project is funded by five health foundations (Dutch Lung Foundation, Dutch Heart Foundation, Dutch Cancer Society, Dutch Thrombosis Foundation and Dutch Diabetes research Foundation). I also lead a project funded by the NWO Idea Generator on the complex non-linear mechanisms explaning smoking initiation and continuation among young people in the context of lower socioeconomic backgrounds using a system dynamics approach. Furthermore, in a project funded by ZonMw we study local smoking cessation support among people with a lower socioeconomic background. We study the implementation process of a rolling group training for smoking cessation, and how the social services domain can play a larger role in smoking cessation in this target group.

I’ve been working in the field of tobacco control research since 2012. After completing a Masters in Health Sciences I started a PhD project on smoking inequalities and tobacco control policies in Europe. In June 2016 I defended my PhD thesis and afterwards I continued research into tobacco control. I am interested in how we can effectively prevent smoking, both by preventing initiation and encouraging cessation, particularly in lower socioeconomic groups. With my research, I aim to contribute to a strong evidence base that will help eradicate smoking.


Tobacco control and smoking behaviour

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