Health System Research, Performance Indicators, Long-term care

Research interests

The best quality of long-term care services is supported when in addition to reporting on performance of long-term care we also learn how to take advantage of the information.

My research focuses on how performance reporting and indicators in particular are used or can be used by stakeholders to add value and ultimately support the provision of high-quality long-term care. The approaches I use to understand these phenomena include quantitative and qualitative methods. Both approaches are necessary to understand the nature of the relationship between stakeholders and indicators and how they influence each other.

Research, framed in a solid method, is further improved by the exchange of ideas and perspective. That is why I look for collaborations with experts from other disciplines and background. My research tends to focus on different countries and often on international perspectives and analysis.

I am currently studying how regulatory oversight organizations from a number of countries look at and take advantage of indicators in long-term care. Furthermore, taking the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic into account, I am also analysing the potential association between Covid 19 outbreaks and performance related factors in a group of nursing homes.

ID: 5155331