Research interests

Miranda Langendam has been affiliated to Amsterdam UMC (AMC) since 2008, first as staff member of Cochrane Netherlands and in 2014 as assistant professor and principle investigator at the department Epidemiology and Data Science. 

The focus of her research line is evidence synthesis, with the aim to help patients, health care providers and policy makers making evidence-based health care decisions. Trained as epidemiologist/methodologist she is interested in developing, evaluating, implementing and teaching methods to summarize and present the best available evidence to support health (care) decisions. The research topics she is working address a wide range of health care quations and reach from PICO formulation (e.g. defining the clinical pathway and developing core outcome sets) to guideline implementation strategies. Key words: clinical epidemiology, evidence-based medicine, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, GRADE, guideline development, research & teaching.



Evidence synthesis methodology

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