Research areas

  • RZ Other systems of medicine - Emergency Medicine, Hyperbaric Medicine, Diving Medicine


Emergency Medicine, Pain Management, Trauma Care, Prehospital Risk Stratification, Hyperbaric Medicine

Research interests

Currently our research team is doing a multicenter RCT in which we evaluate whether the use of a continuous Fascia Iliaca Compartment Block (FICB) is effective in elderly hip fracture patients in treating pain and in preventing the occurrence of a delirium, as compared to standard care.

In January 2023 we plan to start a prehospital RCT in which we will compare Fentanyl to Esketamine in acute pain. Currently, we have acquired funding and are recruiting a PhD Candidate for this project.

Regarding risk stratification, we perform several projects in the complete acute chain of prehospital medicine - emergency medicine - acute hospital admissions and how to predict the occurrence of acute severe illness in these patient populations.

Besides these major projects, I perform several smaller projects regarding pain management; trauma care and hyperbaric and diving medicine.

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