Research interests

The aim of the PalliSupport project is to improve care for older patients at the end-of-life by overcoming barriers and consequently reduce hospital (re)admissions at the end-of-life, reduce symptom burden and facilitate patients dying at their place of preference.

The PalliSupport project is part of the Consortium Palliative Care Noord-Holland and Flevoland and funded by the Palliantie-program of ZonMw (The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development). The PalliSupport Project consists of an intervention - the transitional palliative care pathway -, which will be implemented and evaluated in the region using a stepped wedge cluster randomized controlled trial design. PalliSupport focuses on the needs of patients and informal caregivers and consists of educational programs, protocols, improved handover procedures and regional meetings.


Transitional care for older people with palliative care needs

ID: 109813