Research areas

  • R Medicine (General) - Medical Communication, Trust, Uncertainty, Medical Psychology, Patient-provider communication

Research interests

Marij Hillen is an assistant professor, Principal Educator, and VENI-recipient at Amsterdam UMC. She researches provider-patient interaction with the aim to enhance complex communication and the relation between patients and their physicians. The focus of her research line is on patient-physician trust and uncertainty in medicine.

Marij obtained over €2.000.000,- in research grants, of which €600.000,- through personal fellowships. She authored over 60 international peer-reviewed publications. She has successfully supervised and currently supervises multiple PhD, masters’ and bachelors’ students. Additionally, she heads and/or contributes to leading national and international professional associations within her research field. Marij is associate editor for Patient Education and Counseling, journal of the International Association for Communication in Healthcare. 


Medical Psychology / Medical communication

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