Research interests

  1. Improving the understanding and management of co-morbidity and co-infection in people living with HIV


Research interests

Since the inception of the AGEhIV cohort study in 2009 I have together with the study PI  prof. P. Reiss (Professor of Internal Medicine, in particular the complications of HIV treatment), acted as a senior clinical co-investigator of the study contributing to the design and excecution of a range of studies performed by successive PhD students on the study. (

As of 2016 I acted as the principal investigator of the MC Free study which aims to eliminate hepatitis C infections in hiv-positive men who have sex with men. This study nicely complements the HIV transmission elimination Amsterdam ( aiming to reduce new HIV infections in Amsterdam. As of  2017  I am a member of H team's executive committee. Both MC Free and H-team are prominent examples of implementation research projects. As of 2020 I am leading  a project to develop a national toolkit for peer-to-peer support in HIV care and initiated a PROMS-based program to improve the quality of care of people living with HIV at the Amsterdam UMC and DC clinics HIV-outpatient clinic. From 2021 I am director of the Board of the hiv monitoring foundation, that collects data on people living with HIV in the Netherlands. 


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