Research interests

The Hospital-ADL study aims to unravel the mechanism behind hospitalization-associated disability (defined as the loss of ability to perform one or more of the basic ADLs). In order to achieve this, we will investigate the cognitive, physical, psychological, biological and social factors that are associated with hospitalization-associated disability from hospital admission to three months post-discharge in acutely hospitalized older patients. The Hospital-ADL study is a multicenter, observational, prospective cohort study aiming to recruit 400 acutely hospitalized patients aged 70 years and above from the Department of Internal Medicine or geriatrics, from 6 hospitals in the Netherlands: 1] Academic Medical  Center (AMC), 2] Isala, 3] Tergooi hospital Blaricum, 4] Medical Center Slotervraat, 5] BovenIJ hospital, and 6] Meander Medical Center.


Clinical (Neuro)psychology

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