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  • RZ Other systems of medicine - Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Pneumonia, Diagnosis, Metabolomics, Microbiome, Personalised medicine

Research interests

I focus on precision medicine approaches to the treatment of lung injury due to inflammation and infection. I use non-invasive diagnostic tools to classify patients into subphenotypes and target the subphenotypes with specific treatments. I currently take the following approaches: 

- Pre-clinical models: using cellular and animal models, I try to replicate the biological heterogeneity observed in ICU patients with ARDS to further deepen our understanding of the underlying mechanisms. These models have a focus on injurious innate host responses and endothelial dysfunction. 

- Observational studies: broad and inclusive observational studies are well-suited to evaluate the biological and clinical heterogeneity of patients with acute respiratory failure. I'm interested in validation of rapid bedside tests for subphenotype identification and comparison between systemic and alveolar host responses within the subphenotypes. 

- Intervention studies: My team is currently undertaking one of the first phase 3 randomized controlled trials using a precision medicine approach. In the PEGASUS trial we use lung ultrasound to assess ARDS subphenotype and provide personalised interventions based on these findings. This is compared to a standard ventilation strategy. Furthermore, I work with an international team of collaborators on establishing the first platform adaptive trial network for precision medicine interventions in ARDS. 



Respiratory Medicine

Intensive care

Research output

  1. Acute respiratory distress syndrome: causes, pathophysiology, and phenotypes

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  2. Lung microbiota predict clinical outcomes in critically ill patients

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  3. Precision medicine in acute respiratory distress syndrome: workshop report and recommendations for future research

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