Research interests


Financial conriibution
From KNMG € 20,000, - is available yearly for scientific work, free to use by the professor. The intention is to use this amount for co-financing for a PhD program. BAZIS Foundation contributes € 2,500, -. The intention is to use this amount for writing joint research proposals.

The function consists of education, research and promoting innovation.

Education (40%)
The professor adds content to and participates in the curriculum of the Department of Clinical Informatics in Amsterdam for undergraduates (MIK), master students (Medical Informatics) and doctors inside and outside the AMC (Medicine training and the new eLearning module Health Informatics; refresher courses and guest lectures elsewhere). The focus is on different aspects of telemedicine: development and research models, implementation strategy, legal and ethical aspects, patient empowerment, social development and integration into regular care.

Research (40%)
The professor brings his own line of research aimed at development and implementation of TeleDiagnostics, TeleConsultation and TeleMonitoring. For this, the professor is already working with two PhD students who will accompany him further from his new job. The professor aims KNMG monies to use for the appointment of a third and fourth candidate. Within this framework, the professor gives attention to further development of the Health Management Research model, a previously developed model for development, research and implementation of telemedicine services.

Important points are telemedicine services focused on the consumer / patient, which contribute to patient empowerment and self-management. On the one hand attention will be paid to services, most App, which are developed from the medical world to support the patient at home to relieve the physician and improve the quality of care. On the other hand it is going to link up from the medical profession in the vast amount of consumer app focused on health to achieve thereby benefit to the patient.

Finally the professor is looking for cooperation with other universities and international parties to share knowledge and the realization of (inter) national grant applications including ZonMw and Horizon 2020

Promoting innovation (20%)
The professor intends to anchor the place of telemedicine in health care through education and research, but also to actively bring innovations to the attention of scientific associations, interest groups, patient organizations, healthcare insurers and government. This is subject to a number of principles: strengthening of the physician and patient through the use of ICT, better care through ICT focus on patient empowerment, political choices that the doctor will face and finally telemedicine = Medicine.

Scientific Output
The intention is to generate a continuous output of publications on average 2 to 3 publications per year and a total of three promotions.

Public relations
KNMG and KIK will endeavor to raise awareness of this position outward (press, oration, etc).




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