Research interests

While maternity care increasingly aims at shared decision-making, it seems that clients with low health literacy do not optimally benefit. Low health literacy is a barrier in communication with healthcare professionals, in obtaining and understanding information, and in evaluating important advantages and disadvantages of options. In my current research, we aim to systematically develop and evaluate a training for maternity care professionals and a digital tool for clients and professionals to improve shared decision-making in maternity care. 

Laxsini Murugesu is member of the section Quality and Organization of Care, Department of Public and Occupational Health. QOC is a multidisciplinary section that aims to improve the quality and organization of public, curative, and palliative health care for citizens, patients and health care professionals, organizations and health care systems by performing research and translating scientific knowledge into practice, policy and education.

Within this section her research falls with the research group RISC Amsterdam. In the RISC expert centre, we perform interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research on health risk communication and individual and shared decision making, and integrate scientific knowledge with policy and practice. We work closely with The National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and health care professionals.


Public Health, Shared Decision-Making, Maternity Care, Health Literacy, Qualitative Research

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