Research interests

Guiding therapy of heart failure (HF) by an objective measure like NT-proBNP has received intense attention. The gain that is made by this form of guidance is modest when applied to chronic heart failure (CHF) patients. Recent post discharge data from our own group does show that NT-proBNP guidance can detect important short-term changes. Studies have also shown that NT-proBNP discharge value and a >30% NT-proBNP reduction during admission are statistically significant predictors of readmissions and mortality. These data suggest a role for such NT-proBNP guidance, rather in an acute than in a chronic setting.


Acute admission for HF occurs frequent: in 2004, there were almost 25,000 hospital admissions in the Netherlands. Particularly worrisome is the high percentage of readmissions which reaches 30 to 60% within six months, importantly increasing the economic burden of this disease.


The primary focus of the research is to demonstrate that NT-proBNP guidance during in-hospital treatment for acutely decompensated heart failure (to strive for >30% reduction) reduces readmissions and mortality and increases the number of days alive out of hospital in the first 180 days.


Heart Failure

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