Research interests

At the Department of General Practice AMC Joke Haafkens coordinates research in the field of “diversity and health”. She has acquired funding from several Dutch and EU research funding organizations (e.g., Diabetes Fund, ZonMW, FP5 Health, FP7 Health).Topics of her current research projects at AMC are: 1. the perspective on diabetes management among ethnic minorities living in the Netherlands; 2. the implementation of culturally adapted programs for hypertension management in Dutch primary care practices; and 3. the development and implementation of a cardiovascular health education program for hypertensive patients in Nigeria. Other recent research topics are attention to sex and gender related factors in: 1. the development of clinical practice guidelines; 2. the ethical approval, design and conduct of (basic) biomedical research in the EU; 3. evidence based medicine and 4. public health policy.
Haafkens also works (0,5 ftu) at the Amsterdam Institute of Advanced Labour Studies of the University (AIAS) of Amsterdam. At AIAS Haafkens supervises a study on the role of human resource managers in the improvement of the work situation of employees with chronic illness. She is also the work package leader of an EU financed project on health and safety at work.
A main theme of Haafkens' current studies is "from the stakeholders' perspective (e.g., patients, health care providers) towards practical tools. The studies typically use a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods. The researchers are both PhD candidates or post-docs.


Social determinants of health (gender, ethnicity), mixed methods, cardiovascular care, education

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