Research interests

The Trauma Unit of the Department of Surgery performs research in the broad area of trauma surgery. This research is carried out in close cooperation with various internal and external departments and specialties involved in trauma care. The studies are published in national and international scientific journals and presented on national and international scientific meetings.

The main areas of our trauma research are:
1. Trauma room management
2. Imaging strategies and techniques in trauma care
3. Treatment of pelvic and extremity injuries & complications (e.g. distal radius fractures and calcaneus fractures)
4. Non-operative management / Interventional radiology in trauma
5. Trauma registry and outcome research

The Trauma Unit also partcipates in the following research fields:
1. Acute traumatic coagulopathy / Massive transfusion (International Trauma Research Network;
2. Post-traumatic stress disorder / Intimate partner violence (Dept. Psychiatry;
3. Emergency care (Emergency Dept.)

For a complete overview of current prospective trials see:


Trauma surgery

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