Research interests

Our research aims to unravel cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying acute kidney disease, chronic kidney disease, and metabolic syndrome-associated kidney disease by focussing on innate immunity and metabolism. By strengthening existing links and developing new ones between the three disciplines immunology, metabolism and nephrology we hope to foster novel therapeutic approaches for patients with kidney disease. We pioneered antisense TLR2 therapies for acute kidney injury and currently concentrate on metabolic reprogramming the kidney . We make use of many in vitro and in vivo models, and an extensive biobank of renal biopsies of patients. We have a strong expertise in managing and maintaining (digital) histology and pathology studies. Our studies give insights into the pathogenesis of immune- and metabolism-mediated renal disease and explore diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets for kidney disease.

Key words: * innate immunity * pattern-recognition receptors * kidney * sterile inflammation * metabolism



Immunology, Metabolism and Nephrology

ID: 69633