Research interests

Research is focused on the mechanism and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.  Areas of interest are:

  • Electrophysiological and molecular characteristics of arrhythmogenic substrates at the atrial and ventricular level as well as the conduction system.
  • Determinants of impulse propagation, especially sodium channels, gap junction channels and collagen. Use of transgenic mouse models to study the role of the different parameters in arrhythmogeneity.
  • Modulation of electrophysiological parameters. Increased coupling or excitability by pharmacological interventions and gene transfer. Blocking of gene defects in channelopathies by siRNA technique.
  • Tissue engineering for myocardial repair. 3D cultures in collagen scaffolds of cardiac progenitor cells. Development of biological pacemakers and AV nodes.
  • Application of computer models for propagation of the electrical impulse. Calculation of surface ECGs from model parameters.
  • Pathophysiology of sudden cardiac death in cardiac sodium channelopathy.
  • Electrocardiographic Imaging; Development and application of a non-invasive technique to determine epicardial and endocardial activation of the heart from mltiple (64) electrograms recorded from the bodys surface.

From 2004-2008 8 grants (EC, NHS, DPTE/BSIK, STW) have been obtained to support the research lines.


cardiac electrophysiology

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