Research areas

  • BF Psychology - Social psychology, Cancer Survivors, Return to work, Reintegration


Cancer and Work, Reintegration of cancer survivors, Occupational Health

Research interests

My name is Fenna van Ommen and I work as a PhD researcher at the Department of Public and Occupational Health at the Amsterdam UMC. My interests lie in the interaction between people and their environment, and more specifically inequality. This interest has grown and developed during my Master’s degree of Social Psychology, and I decided that I want to use my research skills to help other, more vulnerable, people to improve their situation.

I am happy that the Dutch Cancer Society granted our research project (named: PLACES) that is of psyhosocial oncological nature and includes a perfect balance between science and practice. The aim of PLACES is to develop an intervention based on the principles of Individual Placement and Support (IPS), to help unemployed and work disabled cancer survivors to gain paid employment. This intervention allows cancer survivors to test their work ability at an appropriate workplace, while receiving support to enhance sustainable return to paid employment.  

With a subject that is close to my heart I’m excited for the first results, eager to learn more about conducting research, and happy to collaborate with my colleagues and project team.

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