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Current projects

Medical assisted reproduction
Home-based monitoring of ovulation to time frozen embryo transfer in IVF - the ANTARCTICA-2
Trial registration: NTR27578; toetsing online NL62924.01817; ZonMW 843002807, ‘doelmatigheidsonderzoek 2018

What is the effectiveness of IUI-OH in couples with unexplained or mild male subfertility and a poor prognosis on natural conception? - EXIUI study
Triagregistration NTR5599, toetsingonline ABR NL57383.018.16. SEENEZ project: ZonMW-grantnr 837004023

Fertility preservation
The safety of controlled ovarian stimulation in women with breast cancer: standard stimulation versus alternative stimulation protocols; the STIM-trial.
Trialregistration: Dutch Trial Register: NTR4108. Support: Virtutis Opus, Nuts Ohra

Early pregnancy
Management of ectopic pregnancy [CRD42018102160] IPD SRMA

Past projects

The freeze-all strategy in IVF: who benefits?
Trial registration: NTR5235; Support: The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (2014 ZonMW Doelmatigheid grant 837002510)

Outcome measures in IVF
Trial registration: not applicable; Support: other

Randomised controlled trial of salpingo(s)tomy versus salpingectomy for tubal pregnancy; impact on future fertility (ESEP-study)
Trial registration: Current controlled trials: ISRCTN37002267 ( Dutch Trial Register: NTR 115 (
Support: The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMW Agiko grant 920-03-328, Zonmw Clinical fellow grant 40-00703-97-05-154)

Methotrexate versus Expectant management in women with ectopic pregnancy ( 
Trial registration: Current controlled trials:ISRCTN48210491 ( Dutch Trial Register: NTR611 (

Support: The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (Zonmw Clinical fellow grant 40-00703-97-05-154)

Vrouwen met een buitenbaarmoederlijke zwangerschap (EUG) moeten eileidersparend geopereerd worden om hun vruchtbaarheid te behouden.
Trial registration: not applicable; Support: The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (Zonmw grant 91501009 Kennisbenutting)



Gynaecologist, specialist in Reproductive Medicine

Research output

  1. Alternatives to in vitro fertilization

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  2. Individual participant data meta-analysis of trials comparing frozen versus fresh embryo transfer strategy (INFORM): a protocol

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview articleAcademicpeer-review

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