Research interests

Currently, I'm involved in several projects, all using optics, photonics and light-tissue interaction to develop new diagnostic techniques and novel focal treatment modalities.

1) Digital 3D pathology, funded by ITEA

2) Aided diagnosis using i.e. machine learning and convolutional neural networks (CNN), funded by ITEA.

3) Imaging using contrast enhanced endoscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT) and con-focal laser endomicroscopy (CLE) during diagnosis and surgical interventions, funded by ZonMW and cure for cancer (CFC).

4) Functional (in vivo) optical imaging of malignant and benign disease, funded by ZonMW and cure for cancer (CFC).

5) Design and development of new minimally invasive optical devices for in vivo use, funded by STW.

6) Focal therapy of malignancies using percutaneous laser ablation, funded by CFC and NWO-TTW.

7) Clinical Translation and intergration of novel optical technology.


optics, photonics, imaging, focal therapy, urology, clinical translation

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