Research interests

The research in the group of Constance Schultsz aims to drive changes in the prevention and management of bacterial infections, to improve global health. The research focuses on antimicrobial drug resistance and zoonotic infections. Within the antimicrobial resistance program, research is targeted at understanding mechanisms and routes of transmission of antimicrobial resistance determinants, and the development and application of novel tools for antimicrobial resistance surveillance. Streptococcus suis, an important swine pathogen and the main cause of bacterial meningitis in adults in countries of the Far East such as Vietnam and Thailand, is used as a model pathogen to study the emergence of zoonotic bacterial infections through livestock and food production.

Research approaches are both laboratory-based and interdisciplinary and studies are carried out with collaborating research fellows within the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development, within the Netherlands Centre for One Health, and with overseas research partners and institutes. 



Medical Microbiology and Global Health

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