Research interests

My research group strives at understanding cardiac physiology and pathology by combining a wide range of research of approaches including molecular and electrophysiological techniques.

The experiments we perform center around three main research goals:

1. Establishing the molecular and electrophysiological basis of outflow tract arrhythmias.

2.Unraveling the arrhythmogenic mechanisms underlying J-wave syndromes.

3. Development of autonomic nervous system targets for anti-arrhythmic therapy.

4.Characterizing the evolutionary adaptations in cardiac electrophysiology.


Understanding cardiovascular disease requires interdisciplinary research. The combination of genetics, molecular biology and electrophysiology is a powerful method for unravelling disease mechanisms. I often take part in synergic collaborations in the AMC (PMIDs: 32386467, 31666509) and at national (PMID: 32555305, 30681347) and international level (PMIDs: 31695764, 32290757, 27582060).


Developmental, molecular and clinical aspects of life-threatening arrhythmias.

ID: 44480