Research areas

  • RA0421 Public health. Hygiene. Preventive Medicine - Chronic disease, Occupational health, Work, Rehabilitation, Reviews

Research interests

My research line aims to improve work functioning and to prevent unemployment in patients with a chronic disease or with chronic symptoms as a result of a disease with specific emphasis on cancer patients.
The focus is on three aspects: 1) Getting insight in the work situation, quality of working life and career pathways of employees with a chronic disease; 2) Identifying risk factors for unemployment and diminished work functioning; 3) Developing and evaluating evidence-based interventions to support employment, re-integration and work functioning in employees with a chronic disease, especially in cancer patients.

-Predictors of return to work

-Supporting return to work and work retention of cancer survivors

-Supporting return to work and work retention of workers with a chronic disease

-Rehabilitation of cancer survivors

-Systematic reviews and meta-analyses


-Quality of Life

-Quality of Working Life

-Guideline development

-Questionnaire development


Chronic disease and work, Cancer and work, occupational health

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