Research interests

A. Floriaan Schmidt has received training in public health, clinical epidemiology, and mathematics. Floriaan completed a PhD on methods for personalized medicine with the Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Following his PhD, he accepted a position with University College London (UCL). Currently, Floriaan has a joined position with Amsterdam UMC and UCL. His research focusses on developing and applying human genetics for drug target validation (Schmidt, Nature Communications 2020 & 2021). Additionally, Floriaan conducts research to improve risk prediction modelling by integrating electronic healthcare records data with information from multi-modal sources, including imaging, genomics and metabolomics. Floriaan has received funding from the British Heart Foundation, the National Institute for Health Research University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre, Servier, New Amsterdam, IMI, and Erasmus+.



Statistical learning

Machine learning 

Prediction research

Causal inference

Mendelian randomization

Human genetics


ID: 25070577