Research areas

  • L Education (General) - talent, Self-regulated learning, workplace-based learning, professional development

Research interests

Research on medical education in General Practice.

Most medical professionals learn in clinical practice, this is also known as workplace based education. Learning in clinical practice is different from formal classroom education, as it is more informal and dependent on the active organisation of the medical professionals to achieve their learning goal. To our experience some, also called high achievers or talented residents, can take more advantage of this learning environment than others. Thus we believe these high achievers are able to effectively self-regulate their learning compared to their peers.

The specific focus of my research is to study talented or high-achieving resident, and to understand their learning strategies in the workplace. Understanding how they learn can help to improve the medical education of GP's in training. Furthermore it can help us furhter understand workplace based education and selfregulated learning.


AIOTO - GP in training and PhD candidate at AMC department of general practice

ID: 20034590